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Aquaris Hearing Aid 

Signia has always devised high-quality hearing aids that cannot be found elsewhere. These aids can be customized to the unique needs of each person. The numerous hearing aids deliver clear and easy to understand sound. You can even adjust the noise levels effortlessly on these devices.

An amazing device manufactured by Signia is the Aquaris Hearing Aid

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Features Of Signia Aquaris (BTE) Hearing Aids


It has an ultra tough construction so that you can use the device without any worries


The instrument is IP 68 certified


It is completely waterproof and can be immersed continuously without the fear of getting spoilt


You can be assured to receive excellent sound quality as it is fully protected from dust


It has a soft-touch surface that will provide better grip to the ears


The device can also be used in demanding activities as it has an attachable sport clip that provides extra security and safety


It is virtually shock resistant and sheltered from dust, humidity, and perspiration

Aquaris with Lifetube

Aquaris with Earhook

Signia Aquaris Hearing Aid With Lifetube

Signia Aquaris Hearing Aid With Earhook