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Signia Ace Hearing Aid 

Signia Ace has created yet another amazing instrument; the Signia RIC (receiver-in-canal) which is one of the tiniest hearing devices. The instrument offers more versatility and maximum discretion than its predecessors. It provides an amazing listening experience so that you can enjoy every moment of your life.

The device is very small in size and can fit appropriately behind your ears. The quality of sound that it provides will be so natural that you will even forget that you are wearing a hearing instrument.

Moreover, it provides you with the chance to operate the hearing instrument from your iOS or Android devices. All you need to do is to use the touchControl App for making any kind of adjustments in your instrument. Simple, isn’t it?

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Features of the Signia Ace RIC Hearing Aid


It is an extremely small device


You can adjust the hearing aid with the touchControl App on your mobile devices


The inbuilt Tinnitus Noiser will let you manage the buzzing sound in the ears


To focus on a particular conversation, you can use the microphones


The device has been created through advanced technology so that you can get the best hearing aids


There is a push button provided on the device that will enable you to make adjustments manually