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ABR Singapore

ABR or Auditory Brainstem Response is a reliable hearing test that is significantly different from traditional auditory tests. The ABR tests are particularly useful for new born babies, young adults, or elders who do not have the ability to communicate their responses during the test. The hearing test is also effective for a patient who has encountered a head injury and is unable to respond adequately.

In the ABR test, the child or adult does not have to respond to sounds. In addition, they need not be awake while the test is being performed, with new born babies typically given an anesthetic so that they stay relaxed while the test is being conducted.

What Happens During An ABR Test?


The patient dons special earpieces that are placed into the ear canals


A series of clicks will be played into both ears through the earpieces


Electrodes are placed on the patients head will detect the electrical activity in the brain in response to the clicks

Depending on the test, the clicks or noises will be more or less intense and the electrical activity is recorded during the test. The results of this electrical activity is then compared to that of an average person so that the accurate severity of hearing loss can be established for the patient.

The ABR is a very safe test – no discomfort will be faced by the patient during the entire process. The entire test is done within 2 hours and the patient can get back to their normal routine immediately after.

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