Our Journey : Becoming Your Trusted Hearing Aid Provider in Singapore

Our History

The Hearing Centre is a world-class provider of hearing aids and services in Singapore since the last 16 years with a vision to be the trusted leader in cost effective and provider of quality hearing solutions in Singapore and beyond.
With strong suit in hearing healthcare for almost two decades, The Hearing Centre recognizes all the existing distress, fear and worries that dwell in people who tend to suffer hearing loss themselves or for their loved ones. Right from consultation & counselling to various assessments, fittings of hearing aids to post-fitting care and support. We nurture every situation with excellence in expertise and care beyond measure. 
The facility’s talented and well-experienced team encompasses every hearing subspecialty right from hearing knowledge, research, diagnostics and therapies which have revolutionized various diseases and disorders and is driving the organisation’s mission to be the leading in the hearing industry with most advanced technology and solutions in collaboration with ENT specialists.  

About The Hearing Centre

There are many reasons for The Hearing Centre’s success, including the values of honesty, integrity & commitment to the customers and a folklore of personalised caregiving and optimum addressing to the most complex types of cases. Another reason is that we understand the utmost importance of “hearing” as an individual and make our patients part of our extended family, and not just provide care as a duty of a service provider therefore our focus is providing value more than the money.
Having our Audiometric Room, state of the art equipment and strong ties with manufacturers, we are able to offer our services at an affordable cost. Our optimised business model provides patients with the best products at the most affordable prices. Today, this vow of affordable hearing aids and hearing care services at FAIR PRICE/VALUE ratio still stands in The Hearing Centre.  Whether it is diagnosis, loss of hearing or maintenance of hearing aid The Hearing Centre provides an array of tailor-made solutions to you and your loved ones. 
Our strong team does not rest on laurels, we constantly strive to learn more, improve and thrive to stay ahead of the curve!  

Our Recognition & Awards

Our Partners