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The Hearing Centre is a world-class provider of hearing aids and services in Singapore since the last 16 years with a vision to be the trusted leader in cost effective and provider of quality hearing solutions in Singapore and beyond. 

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With strong suit in hearing healthcare for almost two decades, The Hearing Centre recognizes all the existing distress, fear and worries that dwell in people who tend to suffer hearing loss themselves or for their loved ones. Right from consultation & counselling to various assessments, fittings of hearing aids to post-fitting care and support. We nurture every situation with excellence in expertise and care beyond measure

Hearing Aid Singapore

What is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a device used to regulate and amplify sound for the people with partial deafness. It will help to improve the quality of life for them but it is not targeted to cure nor help people with complete deafness.

The four basic components core function for a hearing aid:

  • The microphone picks up the sounds in the environment and passes it to the processor.
  • The processor enhances the signal and delivers it to the receiver
  • The receiver delivers the amplified signal to the ear canal.
  • The power source mainly the battery, drives the system.

With the advancement of hearing aid technology, these basic parts have transformed into four sophisticated components.  The signal picked up by the microphone is now converted from analog to digital before processing, then converted back from digital to analog by the processor before the receiver delivers the enhanced signal into the ear canal. The technology has driven digital instruments to perform multiple sound processing and management tasks efficiently and simultaneously. The battery is the main power source driving the system.


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