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What is a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a device used to regulate and amplify sound for the people with partial deafness. It will help to improve the quality of life for them but it is not targeted to cure nor help people with complete deafness.

The four basic components core function for a hearing aid:

  • The microphone picks up the sounds in the environment and passes it to the processor.

  • The processor enhances the signal and delivers it to the receiver

  • The receiver delivers the amplified signal to the ear canal.

  • The power source mainly the battery, drives the system.

With the advancement of hearing aid technology, these basic parts have transformed into four sophisticated components.  The signal picked up by the microphone is now converted from analog to digital before processing, then converted back from digital to analog by the processor before the receiver delivers the enhanced signal into the ear canal. The technology has driven digital instruments to perform multiple sound processing and management tasks efficiently and simultaneously. The battery is the main power source driving the system.

What are different styles of hearing aid available in the market today?

There are varieties of hearing instrument styles and let’s take a look at them in summaries:

  • Complete-in-the-canal (CIC) fits deep inside your ear canal, making it almost invisible. For mild to moderately severe hearing losses users.
  • In-the-canal (ITC) fits almost entirely inside your ear canal. The slight size increase allows the ITC to accommodate options that may not fir on a CIC. For mild to moderately severe hearing losses users.
  • In-the-ear (ITE) fits securely in the outer ear and provides sufficient space for extra options. For mild to severe hearing losses.
  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) sits comfortably behind your ear, with sounds passing through a tube to an ear mold that fits in your outer ear. For mild to profound hearing losses.
  • Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) provides an open fit (meaning nothing plugs your ear canal) and natural sounds via a discreet slim wire that directs sound into the ear. For mild to severe hearing losses.

Consultation with a professional Hearing Centre is important for your selection, call our hotline +65 6474 2216 or drop us a note for an appointment and private chat. 

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How to select the right hearing aids?

When selecting hearing aids, individuals should consider not only appearance but also dexterity and lifestyle preferences to meet your unique needs and lifestyle.  

Do consider going to an audiologist, he will perform tests to determine your hearing loss and also recommend a hearing aids solution. Your audiologists should work with you to consider all factors to provide you the best hearing solution and fit your lifestyles.

  • The degree of Hearing Loss – Some styles are better suited for certain degrees of hearing loss and ear canal shapes.
  • Lifestyle & Daily Living Routine – The features you choose should enhance the activities you enjoy and do the most.
  • Technology and Aesthetics – Wireless connectivity, listening memory programming, digital signal processing

What We Can Offer To You

“Quality Hearing Begins Here”  The Hearing Centre is your one-stop centre for all matters relating to hearing aids. We strongly believe that hearing should not be regarded as a luxury but rather as an entitlement. With our services, we aim to ensure that every Singaporean can hear the world again.
Hearing Centre offers quality devices manufactured by top brands; Phonak, ReSound, and Signia, and in ear monitor products made by Westone.
Wide range of hearing instruments from USA, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland.
Wide range of hearing aids allows wide choice to best fit your needs
Own laboratory and close link with manufacturers ensure most competitive prices
Low cost business model ensures that customers enjoy the best product at the most affordable price
Conveniently located islandwide at several different areas on the island, we provide full audiological diagnostic services and fitting services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our Top Quality Hearing Devices Manufacturers

Building on 140 years of Siemens experience, Signia was launched.

Signia stands for hearing innovations that centre on the customer’s needs and deliver the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

Phonak is an internationally active Swiss company headquartered in Stäfa that specializes in hearing care solutions.
GN ReSound is a providers of hearing aids and diagnostic audiological instrumentation with its headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark

Starkey Hearing is an American privately owned company based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota that makes hearing aids, and is one of the largest American-owned global hearing aid manufacturer.

Westone located in beautiful Colorado Springs, specialised in custom earplugs and earpieces as well as other products to protect and enhance hearing, facilitate communication.

Don't Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service staff will respond to you as soon as possible

Quality Hearing Begins Here With Us

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Satisfaction Guarantee – Our Customer Testimonials

From Ms Margaret Ong; I’m very glad to have found The Hearing Centre, until today they are still giving me top-notch service.

From Father of Yang J.X; I went to The Hearing Centre and met up with Brenda who recommended this pair of Phonak hearing aids. After wearing the hearing aid, my son has had great improvement … when we talk to him now, his response and attention has improved a lot. Thank you!

From Mdm Thong M.K; I really thank Ms Fu for helping me to hear again.

From Ms Meena; After using hearing aid, life became more easy: I was able to hear when somebody talked softly.

You can read many more testimonials from our satisfied customers here.

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