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The Hearing Centre Singapore has been a pioneer in providing the best hearing aids for more than 20 years now. We take pride in the quality of service and hearing aid care that we provide across all our 7 centres islandwide. We have a team of audiologists who have over 15+ years of experience in providing hearing aid care and dealing with patients who have mild to profound hearing loss. We, at The Hearing Centre Singapore, do understand that there is no one-size-fits-all hearing aids in the market, hence we do our best to provide the most suitable customised solutions to all our patients. With a strong suit in hearing loss healthcare for almost two decades, The Hearing Centre recognizes all the existing distress, fear and worries that dwell in people who tend to suffer hearing loss themselves or for their loved ones, and thus, we strive to boost their appreciation for the value of hearing while re-kindling their life’s joy of hearing and communicating.

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With the vision to empower our patient’s hearing capabilities, The Hearing Centre Singapore aims to not only be a hearing aid service provider to our patients but also aims to treat all patients as our valuable extended family members. Our vision is to therefore provide an extraordinary hearing experience that surpasses all others while bringing smiles to the faces of our newfound family members. Right from consultation & counseling to various assessments, fittings of hearing aids to post-fitting care and support, we strive to nurture in every situation with excellence in terms of expertise and care and have since become a world-class provider of top-notched hearing aids brands across the globe.

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Anatomy of the Ear

Revelation of the Wonders of Hearing Aids

People suffering from hearing loss usually find listening and understanding speech to be difficult, such as in a normal conversation, hence it is usually advisable for these patients to wear hearing aids that suit their needs and lifestyles. 

A hearing aid is a device used to regulate and amplify sound for people with partial deafness. It will help to improve the quality of life for them but it is not targeted to cure nor help people with complete deafness. There are different types of hearing aids that can either be worn on the ear or within the ear itself, and you can get them from hearing aid specialists like us, The Hearing Centre Singapore. When choosing a hearing aid, you will first have to visit an audiologist to get your hearing assessed. While they all serve the same purpose, the type of hearing aid that is recommended to you would depend on your lifestyle.

How hearing aids work is that they have 4 basic components that confer their functions:

  • The microphone picks up the sounds in the environment and passes them to the processor.
  • The processor enhances the signal and delivers it to the receiver
  • The receiver delivers the amplified signal to the ear canal.
  • The power source refers to the battery, which drives the hearing aids system.

With the advancement in hearing aid technology, these basic parts have transformed into 4 sophisticated components.  The signal picked up by the microphone can now be converted from analog to digital before processing, then converted back from digital to analog by the processor before the receiver delivers the enhanced signal into the ear canal. This technology has driven digital hearing aids to perform multiple sound processing and management tasks efficiently and simultaneously. As with all other electronic devices, the battery is the main power source driving the hearing aids system.


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